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Almost all of the antique log homes we build are custom structures, built to our customers' house plans and specifications. We do not sell "kit homes". However, we do have a few "favorites" that people seem to request again and again. At any rate, we can help you come up with a log home plan if you don't have one already.

We assemble the original log structure according to our customer's plans, renotching the dovetail corners where necessary, number the logs, disassemble them, then re-erect them all over the country. Walden Log Homes has built structures all over the country, including New York, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, California, Montana, New Mexico, Maryland, Colorado, and a slew in Georgia and Tennessee.

Every now and then, someone wants their log home re-erected exactly "as found", like 'Rustic Retreat' above. Notice the off-center door and windows. The charm is irresistable, but that charm is exuded by all of our log homes instantly. The home pictured below, The Old Homestead, is actually made of several different structures, and has a very open, modern floorplan. But on the outside, it looks like an original structure.

Although the antique log homes we salvage were all well built, they are small by today's standards. Most people today prefer a house plan that is more suitable to modern-day lifestyles (not too many families today would survive for very long living in one room!). That is why we modify the antique structures by cutting off the old notches, re-notching, and reconfiguring to accommodate any house plan that our customers come up with. The 'new' dovetail corners look as authentic as the originals. This reconfiguring the beautiful, one-of-a-kind log homes is done very carefully and methodically.

And the end result is so close to the 'original log structure', even the pioneers who built our homes would have a difficult time discerning between their work and ours.

Why Choose Walden?

Cut from the heart wood over a century ago, our logs finished settling back at the turn of the century so there are no problems associated with 'wood settling'.

The dense heart wood Walden's logs are hewn from is naturally insect-repellent, and also naturally is an excellent insulator. A six-inch width is standard for our logs, giving an R-Value of at least 14.

People say our log homes look the "way a log home is supposed to look." We know what they mean. The marks made on our logs from the foot adz were actually made by a man using a foot adz, over 100 years ago. Machines cannot duplicate this, no matter how hard they try.

And the patina on our logs, the deep, soft earth colors, is a process that has been going on for over 100 years as well. We don't "stain" them, or run them through some kind of "hacking" machine to age them. They are the real McCoy, cut a century ago from virgin growth and hewn by hand down to the heart wood. Hand-hewn logs like these are not an option anymore for most companies. But we can build your log home out of these magnificent logs, and we can build it "the way a log home is supposed to look."

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