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Antique Heart Pine

Antique heart pine came from the Southern Longleaf yellow pine, a slow-growing tree that took up to 500 years to mature. Known for its rich, Antique heart pine gleaming on the floor of a bathroom under a gabled roof in a custom log home by Walden Log Homes. amber heart wood, its phenomenal strength made it the top   choice for building bridges, factories and ship masts. By the early 1900's, most of the virgin stands of this beautiful  tree had been clear-cut by our ancestors. The only way to get this beautiful, antique wood today is to salvage it from old buildings. With its rich color and dense, tight grain, this wood cannot be duplicated today.

Perfect for low-maintenancy flooring, antique heart pine resists scratches and spills and scuffs as it was hewn from the heart of the virgin timbers. Treated with only a few coats of Tung oil, the wood develops a depth and patina that only gets richer with wear.

Heart Pine countertops feel warm to the elbows compared to the cold hardness of stone, and nothing adds character to a home like reclaimed heart pine floors.

Walden Log Homes offers antique heart pine in plank or tongue-and-groove, as well as in various widths and grades.
Heart pine can also be used for furniture, counter tops, exposed beams, floor joists, or rafters.

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