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This house is a 1 ½ story building that measures 22'x 29'. It was constructed in the mid-19th century. It is a strong house with 12" to 16" hemlock logs that are well hewn and neatly dovetailed. The logs in this building are extremely well fitted. The spaces between the logs are remarkably small and uniform. The front façade is a three-bay type. The relatively low roofline is well suited for the inclusion of dormer windows. There is a good set of hewn second floor joists included with this building.

Included with each log building we sell:

· First quality "as found" drawings
· Careful disassembly of the buildings so as to preserve all surviving original fabric
· Loading at our end
· Supervision and 'key help' with the re-assembly of the log walls
· Secondary material (doors, flooring, etc.) only as noted in the individual building description

Not Included:

· Trucking costs
· Boom truck or crane for unloading and re-assembly of the log walls
· Additional help (two or three workers for two or three long days for the larger buildings will be needed)
· Installation of any secondary materials included in the building

In addtion we can provide:

· Virtually all manner of antique building materials
· Custom-built antique structure to fit any house plan

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